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You have better things to do than worry about your website

We get it. Really, we do.  One of our founders has worked in the body art industry for over 13 years. The other founder has an extensive background in tattoo studio and salon managment. We know what your clients want to see, what they’ve come to expect, and how to deliver it to them so they will notice.

Time is money. Every minute you spend tinkering and googling and stressing about your website is time that you’re losing on what drives you. We know all too well how easy it is to lose track of time online, falling down the rabbit hole of Wiki pages and Google searches. Oh, we know.

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Our Not-So-Secret Recipe

Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the most trusted names in the Digital Design industry! We utilize the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, allowing us to create almost anything in digital or print.

Google Suite

Google Suite for Businesses ensures our emails always come through, our websites always have an extra backup in Google Drive, and we can easily manage all AdWords, Keywords, and Webmaster Tools easily.


Using Asana for task-management keeps us on top of everything so we don’t fall behind. We keep every note and every piece of information about our projects here, safe and secure.


Before we start, we put everything together using RealtimeBoard – a premium, online whiteboard – and review everything with our clients so no time is wasted in the development process.


Powering over 25% of the internet, WordPress has proven itself to be a powerhouse CMS. With constant updates to security, it’s what we feel is the best platform for clients to utilize. It is the backbone to everything we do.


Solid-state Drives (SSD) are 1,000 times faster than standard hard disk drives, requiring no moving parts like their predecessors. No mechanisms to move and, eventually, fail. Better. Period.


Hosting servers powered by the latest NGINX. This technology is faster than what most hosting companies offer, focusing on speed.


For the uber nerds, caching is built into the server using reverse NGINX proxy. Dynamic content is now allowed lightning speeds from this as well!


Cloud technology is taking over, and our hosting includes utilizing it! Keep your website’s content on multiple servers across the globe so any visitor will be able to see it without the cost to speed.


The newest internet protocol is now available. HTTP has been a standard since the Internet, and it’s been a long time coming for an upgrade.

We design with your clients in mind. Speed is the killer of websites, so we offer the newest technologies to make your site lightning fast. Once they’re on, we use our marketing skills to ensure that they are interacting with your site in line with your own goals. Don’t worry, with Google Analytics, we can prove to you it’s working. Words are cheap, results are what counts.

What drives us

So, what began as a small talk about our own individual websites became a “let’s do this for other people” discussion. We wanted to save independent, creative professionals from wasting their time and money into cookie cutter gimmicks that will never reflect who they are. There is no reason why someone can’t have a good looking website. Let us do all the work. We actually enjoy it!

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We save you time.

Do you have a burning desire to learn the ins and outs of web coding and search engine optimization? We didn’t think so. Time is money, let us take the wheel so you can work on taking over the world.

We eliminate stress.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your website actually did what is was supposed to do? That’s where we come in. With us in charge, you will never have to stress over whether your site is up and functional. We get notified immediately if your site goes down and will make sure it’s back up and running before you ever knew it was down. BOOM.

We get you real results.

None of what we do would matter if we didn’t get you real results (money in your pocket). We pin point your target audience and design your site with our eye on the prize. More clients for you = success for us. #winning

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